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Tobias McGriff

Attended the 40 hour Basic Civil Mediation Training and it was top notch. During my week there I felt confident to go into pro bono mediation and apply to the court system in my area. It is obvious to me … Read More

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Stella Bella

Helps people resolve their disputes and move forward.

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Anastasia Southwick

Staff was awesome during my wait.

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Lawrence Hughes

Excellent service, knowledgeable, professional, clean, and balance/Just.

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Ryan Mitchell

Absolutely fantastic instruction. Life changing experience.

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Auden Grumet

Good experience.

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Redd Johns

Mediator was fair an impartial.

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Shawn Wilson

Helped solved issue between me and another party without having to go to court

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Melissa and Shawn did an excellent job helping me prepare for a career in mediation! I’ve had prior training at a local university, but it did not compare to the level of instruction I received at the Justice Center of … Read More

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john collazo

Nice place great people. Beautiful live oaks at the entrance.

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