Special Education Mediation Class

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Special Education mediation covers the management of the myriad of issues surrounding the education of students with special needs.

basic mediation training

Mediation in Special Education is an intensive 20-hour, 3-day basic course that includes demonstrations, lectures, and extensive role-playing to teach the participant the process and practice of facilitative mediation and the legal, ethical, and regulatory considerations required. The course is intensive and highly participatory. It is designed to increase knowledge of the language of resolution and the prevention and management of conflict. Additionally, it enhances communication and negotiation skills. Course content includes information specific to mediation in Special Education disputes.

Note: Attendance for the entire 20 hours is mandatory to receive a certificate for this training – no exceptions.

The large amounts of instructional material and limited classroom time mandate a strict attendance policy. The participant must attend the class in its entirety. There is no such thing as “make-up work” or “homework” to replace missed class time. In cases where an individual misses any portion of the course or chooses not to participate in a specific portion of the training, the student will not be issued a certificate of completion.

Dates: see calendar
Duration: 3 day
Course Fee: $725