Domestic Violence Issues in Mediation

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The Domestic Violence Issues in Mediation class helps you navigate the complex issues associated with intra-family conflict.

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Domestic Violence Issues in Mediation More and more states are requiring or encouraging their domestic mediators to have additional training in domestic violence issues. See the schedule below.

Most of us are aware that violence and domestic violence are often part of family conflict, especially during a divorce. While we also know violence, too often, becomes the “family secret,” as mediators, we need to be aware of the warning signals, and especially mindful of the importance of the safety of the victim. Most Court Mediation Programs in Georgia now must have mediators on their roster who have taken the Advanced Domestic Violence Issues in Mediation Training.

This 2-day, 16-hour intensive training is for trained divorce mediators. Other professionals may sign up for day one only. Day two involves participatory role-plays where prior Divorce Mediation training is necessary. A prerequisite for enrollment in Georgia is registration as a domestic mediator.

Dates: see calendar
Duration: 2 days
Prerequisites: Divorce Mediation
Course Fee: $600