Domestic Mediation Training

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An introduction to divorce mediation, this course will help you understand and manage the financial, custody, and emotional issues associated with mediating a divorce settlement.

basic mediation training

During the last decade, divorce mediation has emerged as an alternative to the traditional legal system. As a result, there is a continuing need for approved, professionally trained neutral third parties to assist divorcing couples to identify, negotiate, and resolve the issues arising from the decision to divorce.

An intense, five-day (42-hour) course, it covers all aspects of the divorce process. With the changes in child support, parenting, financial issues in the family system and diversity of cultures in the world this course provides a wealth of information.

Note, that for certification by the GODR, the Divorce Mediation Practicum is also required.

The fact that a training program has been approved by the Georgia Office of Dispute Resolution does not impy that any particular court-annexed or court-referred program must or will accept as neutrals those who have completed that program.  Each local court program is expected to exercise its discretion with reference to the qualifications of each neutral and may inquire into the training received by such neutral.  Completion of a state-approved program does not automatically qualify one as a neutral in any particular local program.

Dates: see calendar
Duration: 5 days
Prerequisities: Basic Mediation
Course Fee: $1,390