Advanced Mediation Skills Course

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Advanced Mediation Skills further build out your mediation skills. Learn advanced techniques for building rapport, agreement writing,  multi-party disputes, and issues with co-mediation approaches.

basic mediation training

Advanced Mediation Skills is a 20-hour, intense, 3-day course designed to give the mediator additional experience with the facilitative mediation process. Completion of a basic mediation skills course is required to attend the Advanced course.  After an assessment of the attendees’ level of experience and knowledge, the course briefly reviews the basic mediation process and skills. The course then focuses on question asking and rapport building skills; advanced agreement writing exercises; co-mediation and the problems and assets of this approach; multi-party, multi-issue mediations; a stop-action exercise incorporating many different techniques to resolve issues on the spot in the mediation process; and an opportunity to participate in four additional role-plays. The course is suitable advanced training for those in the federal and private sectors.

Note: Attendance for the entire 20 hours is mandatory by JCA to receive a certificate for this training – no exceptions.

Dates: see calendar
Duration: 3 days
Course Fee: $725 for non-federal government employees
$720 for federal government employees – GSA Contract #GS-15F-0076K