Becoming a Registered Mediator

Requirements in Georgia

The 5-day, 40-Hour Basic Mediation Skills course meets the GODR training requirements of a 28-hour basic training with an approved 12-hour practicum (the practicum gives you the required 5 observations). Once you have completed the basic training, you are eligible to apply to GODR for approval as a registered general mediator. An applicant must apply for GODR registration within 18 months of completing the course or repeat the training. The application fee is $125; the annual renewal fee is $125.

Other requirements for Georgia mediators are:

  • You must be at least 18-years-old.
  • You must pass a criminal background check.
  • You must provide proof of (1) citizenship, (2) legal residency, or (3) status as a qualified alien or non-immigrant under the Federal Immigration and Nationality Act with an alien number issued by the Department of Homeland Security or other federal immigration agency.
  • You must have a high school diploma to be a registered general mediator.
  • A registered domestic mediator must have a bachelor’s degree.

You will find an application form to become a registered neutral (mediator) online from the Georgia Office of Dispute Resolution. At this site a link to the application is on the main page: You may contact GODR at:

Georgia Office of Dispute Resolution
244 Washington Street, SW – Suite 300
Atlanta, Georgia 30334-5900

Telephone: 404-463-3788
Fax: 404-463-3790

The fact that a training program has been approved by the Georgia Office of Dispute Resolution does not impy that any particular court-annexed or court-referred program must or will accept as neutrals those who have completed that program.  Each local court program is expected to exercise its discretion with reference to the qualifications of each neutral and may inquire into the training received by such neutral.  Completion of a state-approved program does not automatically qualify one as a neutral in any particular local program.

GODR is the final decision maker regarding an applicant’s registration as a neutral in Georgia. JCA recommends that you review these requirements before enrolling in any mediation training.

Requirements in Other States

To inquire about requirements in other states for state court mediators, go to the web site below to find a contact for inquiry

National Center for State Courts
You will find a link for each of the 50 states. For additional information on this topic please call NCSC at 1-800-616-6164 or email