JCA Mediation Training Methodology

The Justice Center of Atlanta presents courses through a variety of methods including: lectures by experienced ADR professionals, video tapes, instructor demonstrations, student participation, group projects, written projects, homework assignments, practical skill exercises, student proficiency demonstrations, discussions, role-play scenarios and written evaluations. The teaching style practiced by JCA places an emphasis on hands­on skill development. Instructional materials and lectures comply with the American With Disabilities Act. Students needing reasonable accommodation under the Act must so indicate on their registration form.

The large amounts of instructional material and limited classroom time mandate a strict attendance policy. You must attend each class in its entirety. There is no such thing as make-up work or homework to make up missed class time. In cases where an individual misses any portion of the course or chooses not to participate in a specific portion of the training, the student will not be issued a certificate of completion.

Training Objectives for Mediation Courses

Participants in the Justice Center of Atlanta’s mediation training who complete the training will demonstrate:

  1. an ability to adopt the mediation mindset and the language of resolution.
  2. a knowledge and use of the various language techniques that enhance the opportunity for resolution.
  3. an ability to implement the mediation process.
  4. an understanding of the importance of confidentiality in the mediation process.
  5. an appreciation of the impact of laws, ethics, regulations, policies and practices surrounding the mediation process and its outcome.
  6. an appreciation of diversity issues.