The Justice Center of Atlanta Announces Its Newest Training Opportunity

4-day / 30-Hour Course
8 Challenging Role-Plays
InvolvingĀ  Workplace and Governmental/Citizen Disputes

The majority of participants completing the 40-hour basic mediation skills course ask for more opportunities to participate in increasingly complex mediation role-plays under the supervision of experienced trainers and mediators. JCA is responding to these requests by offering an in-depth immersion of four days of role-plays, designed to enhance the skills of participants. Creatively using the basic mediation process to confront and resolve more complicated disputes is the focus of this training.

With eight intriguing cases, each role-play will consist of a novel group of four participants and a different coach. (You will never interact with the same people more than once!) Such an approach will simulate real life, complex situations as closely as possible. All students will actively participate in each full-length role-play, and everyone will mediate two of the eight cases. A thorough debriefing – both within the small groups and the whole class – of issues, strategies for resolution, and varieties of potential outcomes will be included for each scenario.

All role-plays are based on actual situations.

Prerequisites: Completion of a 40-hour basic mediation course.

Dates: see calendar
Duration: 4 days
Course Fee: $1200